Best Indian Cartoon Characters

Cartoons of best character of India are plenty of amount also famous in the world but all of them have achieved a great popularity among children. In our best list of Indian cartoon characters we have some of the popular cartoon characters who have a great reputation from the childhood ages children. This is obvious that parents always have been telling there child to do not watch cartoons so much but also they are not leaving them because they all feels that they are already those cartoon characters in them. Rather than having any restriction to don't allow to watch them, just allow them to learn from those cartoons. This would be a great thing because every better cartoon have a great thoughts at the end of show.

Chhota Bheem
Chhota Bheem
In the first of our list we have most popular Indian cartoon character, he is Chhota Bheem. The one of the best cartoon character from India watched by each and every child in morning shows. It is the cartoon taken from the life of Bheem where his childhood age fun have been shows in different ways so that it gives a fun to watch it. It is shown at POGO TV which has a top rank in the TRP (Television Rating Point) in cartoon channels in Indian. In the show there are many friends of Chhota Bheem who is also popular with this cartoon. Named Chutki (As cute girl), Raju (As child), Kalia (As wrestler), Jaggu (As talking monkey) and Dholu & Bolu (As mad twin brothers). Their all friends has theirs friendly and jealous both kind of relationship with Chhota Bheem. This cartoon was created by Rajiv Chikala, who is CEO of the Green Gold Animation. With the variants of Chhota Bheem like Chhota Bheem & Krishna, this cartoon show becomes much sky touching famous with the supports of the children and those who watch it also. This cartoon is based on the Indian ancient books from Mahabharata.

Kumbh Karan
Kumbh Karan
In our second list we have Kumbh Karan. Kumbh is just like a baby giant here who always think about the foods to eat them always. His energy is just based on his food. His name is taken from the habit of sleeping from the old Ramayana story. Where the Kumbh has the problem of laziness. Here Karan is also plays a great role with Kumbh. Basically he is one of the fellow of Kumbh. Karan has the inborn talent in himself to hit the bull's eyes. This cartoon is also much famous in India country watched by all the children at morning. The two brothers are just for adventure fun and allows us to laugh on there some activities. This cartoon show is also shown in POGO TV where Kumbh Karan be a live with funny things. This new cartoon launched recently and get a huge positive response from the opening of this in one week. Although having a lot cartoon characters in the world Indian Methodology has always been popular with the virtual power in built with the cartoon character.

Cartoon shows has been our so much likable and watchable shows where we do not get bad response from the knowledge and valuable of children.

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