Robots Can Look And Act Even Think Like A Human

RobotsFuture is nothing more than your thoughts. Basic need has never been sufficient for human's beings. He always thinking about the less work more income. Robots may be the future for us to solve many problem where robots can look, act and even think like human or looks like us. Would you like to voice conference with your mother through robots that both resembles you and demonstrate your emotions on their rubber faces? What if you received a companion robot  with set of moral values? Would you trust a robot to trade the stocks in your portfolio? Researchers are currently at work on robots with the artificial intelligence needed to perform these task at advance level.

Asimo RobotOne most successful concept of robot was introduced recently with highest achievement in the intelligence named Asimo by Honda where that robot can walk, run, talk, listen, work, dance and act same like human beings. The name Asimo has its own full name as Advance Step In Innovative Mobility. It was created successful in the year 2000 after that so many news about this robot spread all over the world. Asimo has many new features in it like recognizing the surrounding and movements of object, posture and gesture. After that the main concept of creating human robots started now every country has its own science project on the robotics. After Asimo a word come from the concept of robots and human beings as humanoid which is the prototype of human based robots.

Saya RobotThe Saya robot with its artificial skin and muscles is currently under development in Tokyo. Such kind of robot is still in the progress where children may enjoy that. Researchers hope that eventually it will be used as a communication device similar to a current web cam. For example, you could connect to a robot that resembles you at you love ones house like your mother's house and communicate through her. you would see your mother through the robot's visual system. Your mother would also hear your voice come from robot and your emotions would be displayed on its face.

Other research is being conducted that will give robot a sense of value. It is hoped that these robots will be able to make dissociation independently based on this set of values. Researchers in California are creating robot that act as surveillance instruments, capable of following a target with out direction from a human. The robot can predict potential escape routes and pursue a subject through crowded areas.

Kismet RobotAt the Sociable Machines Project at MIT, students are working on a robot named Kismet that detects human emotions through social and audio cues and responds with emotions of its own. Kismet recognizes faces and responds to stimuli like an infant would with emotions ranging from surprise to disgust. Researchers believe that robots such as Kismet can interact with and learn from humans better than traditional computer interfaces. Kismet robots were originally designed for animal based robots where the bots same looks like animals. Some bots are specially design to understand the usability of the children on which the robots can be helpful to them.

All of these projects are designed to move beyond simple computing and into a decidedly human realm of emotional intelligence. Some experts have even suggested that human intelligence relies on emotional input for all important decision making. Thus, by definition, for a machine to approximate human intelligence, it would have to understand and rely on emotions. If computers could read human emotions and had emotional intelligence of their own, it could be possible for your computer to act as a stress counselor when your stay up all night working on a project.

Computers with their own emotional intelligence could be the ultimate human companions. Computer scientists have suggested they may read your mood and play music accordingly or they could search audio and video files for media you would find moving, funny or dramatic. if computers had their own emotional sense, it is possible that they, like the humans they emulate, would require interaction for mental health.

Would you use a robot as a communication device? Do you think we should build robots with a sense of moral values? Some researchers have suggested that robot with artificial intelligence could serve as ideal supervisors and managers. What do you think? Would you like to have an emotional robot as your boss? It sounds like uncomfortable question but may be truth in future.

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