Simple Rangoli Designs And Patterns For Diwali

Rangoli Pattern Design
Diwali is the father of all kind of occasional festivals and celebrated more than other festivals. People always in search of better Rangoli design near friends. Specially girls who always like to draw such kind of art  in Diwali festival. However Diwali always been celebrated after the Dussehra event where lord Rama killed Ravana in Shri Lanka which was the castle and made up by gold. Rangoli is made at front of door to show the beauty of freedom and celebrate the Diwali. Today people made this for fun and decoration of house entrance for Diwali session. Here we have presented a dozens of Rangoli designs and patterns in simple which is not too tough to make. You will need some things before creating a good Rangoli which is quite necessary to prepare a perfect Rangoli. You will need some colors which are easily available in the session of Diwali, some dotted paper, red colored 'GERU' and some chalks.

Here are some of the well-made Rangoli design pictures which may be easily to create by hand. Here you won't need any kind of advance tools to create it. Just choose and follow any of simple design or pattern and create your own tile of Rangoli.

Rangoli Design Pattern 1
Rangoli Design Pattern 2
Rangoli Design Pattern 3
Rangoli Design Pattern 4
Rangoli Design Pattern 5
Rangoli Design Pattern 6
Rangoli Design Pattern 7
Rangoli Design Pattern 8
Rangoli Design Pattern 9
Rangoli Design Pattern 10
Rangoli Design Pattern 11
Rangoli Design Pattern 12

This is the magic of hand which shows the enthusiastic of beauty and seems like full of attraction art with simple sand colors and creativity. In India country there are an end number of list for this kind of creativity and art which encourage foreigners also to see.

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