Using Content Aware Fill Effect In Adobe Photoshop

We like to capture photos everywhere and like to again watch them but sometime such kind of mistakes happens when some unwanted things appear in your photo and we like to remove that unwanted things with help of advance image editing tools like Adobe Photoshop. So here we are going to introduce about using content aware fill effect in Adobe Photoshop. Content aware fill effect removes unwanted parts from your images and photographs.

Content Aware Effect

Here we have an example of image of a lady photographer who is taking someone's photo and that someone is taking her photo but one incident happens that someone else came in to their photo and annoying the whole photography. So you need to remove that unwanted personality from that particular image and get rid from annoying one.

Understand the image and its properties

Before proceeding ahead just understand the properties of image where you have to understand about the color tones and effects. See in the image and focus on the unknown personality where he is standing in the image. He is covering three stages of color tones as ground, green grass and tree leaves where you need to work more after finishing with content aware fill effect.

A Girl Photographer

How to apply content aware effect on image

Just open you image in Adobe Photoshop's latest and finest version because new version of Photoshop has a better techniques and know how to render the color tones in the photographs.

Select the image of any object to which you wish to remove from the photo. You can use either use Polygonal Lasso Tool (L) or Quick Selection Tool (W) from tools available at left side.

Selecting Object In Photograph

After proper selection of object you need to go on menu bar and click on edit and again click on fill under edit menu. [ In menu bar » Edit » Fill ]

A new tool box will appear you have to select Content Aware in color drop down box and Normal in mode drop down box. Keep to opacity same as 100% and click on OK.

Fill Tool Box

Wait for a while, you will see the results in some seconds. In between that Photoshop renders the nearby colors to put on the selected object accurately. If any little bit more disturbances appear in image after applying content aware fill effect then just use clone tool to correct them.

Final Image After Content Aware Fill Effect

You are finished with the content aware fill effect and sure you will get perfect result in your own practice and demonstration. Try enjoy have fun and share with friends.

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