Which Intel Processor Is Better For You i3 i5 i7

Intel Series i3 i5 i7 ProcessorsProcessor is the brain of the computer machine which does all the processing things which you input in machine and result appears quickly in no time. You need really a best performance processor in your computer machine so that you all the tasks can be easily done in no time. In 2010 Intel was introduced three series of processors in there i-series family which are i3, i5, and i7 which are up till one of the best quality in core and best performance than its all previous processors. Whenever you go for assembling a new computer machine you stuck with this question that which intel processor is better for you in i-series that is i3, i5 and i7. So answer is little but confusing but clear answer would be it depends. Here I am going to tell which processor would be best for you in between i-series of intel processors.

Which processor suits to you it depends on your task you perform

To decide which processor would be best for you, you need to take a calculation of things and tasks you perform at regular basis. You regular task need a sufficient amount of speed from your processor which can be divided simply in three kinds of users as beginner, mediator and professional. If you want to limit your expense then you need to use perfect processor which can do your all the tasks with its available capacity. These three processors are designed for three different kinds of users which have their own category of usability.

Intel i3 processor : Intel i3 is designed for beginners who mostly like to do simple tasks on computers like listening audio and high quality videos, surfing internet, using office based programs like word, excel or presentation and who likes to play online games or simple offline games from your hard disk.

Intel i5 processor : Intel i5 is designed for mediators who have more tasks than beginners and like to perform some multi-tasks like offline gaming from hard disk and using office application with some of image and short video editing application which need some more performance and graphics in your computer machine.

Intel i7 processor : Intel i7 is designed for moderators who needs better performance with multi-tasking features. User can use many rich software like office professional, auto-cad, audio-video and movie editor, virtualization and heavy software applications.

Decide which intel processor fall in your category and specification

Intel i5 processorYou can decide which is best processor for you on the above explanation about all the i-series processors of intel. All the three processor have their own capability and designed for different kind of user then decide which kind of user you are in between three. 

If you want to give computer to another person and you don't know what are their usages and still confused about what would be a great choice with better performance, then close your eyes and go for intel i5 processor which is value for money for all kind of tasks.

Be careful about it and get the latest generation of intel i-series which recently come out in the market. In 2010 intel launched generation 1 processor and in 2011 again they introduced 2nd generation processor and again in 2012 they launched 3rd generation processor. Always go for latest one.

Have a better experiences and feel better performance and speed with clear graphics.

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